Our accomplishments

17+ years management team experience with ASLMD
30+ forest properties worked on a daily basis
30+ forest properties inspected per day
40+ years of experience among staff
80+ customers per day receive information support from ASLMD
10 000ha+ forest properties under management
120 000m3+ of roundwood sold by the ASLMD group in 2023
33 000 000€+ turnover across the ASLMD group in 2023


Forest management, felling site acquisitions

As part of its forest management operations, ASLMD purchases felling sites (rights to process growing wood), and offers services such as independent property management, consultations to owners and selected works under contract...

Property purchases

ASLMD will buy land suitable for forestry or agriculture. We offer competitive compensation for felling areas and real estate, with fast performance suited to the customer’s specific needs and expectations...

Roundwood deliveries

ASLMD relies on overland transport to deliver roundwood to wood processors and boiler houses throughout the Baltics, and can deliver beyond the Baltic region by sea...

ECO2 wood building deliveries

ASLMD invites its customers to purchase ECO2 – exceptionally environmentally friendly wood panel buildings manufactured using the latest technology that meets exceptional quality standards...

About us

ASLMD is a highly trusted, reliable and cooperative business in forestry management, roundwood deliveries, organisation of wood exports from Latvia and deliveries of ECO2 wood buildings. ASLMD employs industry professionals throughout its value chain.



Unlike the State Forest Service, which is tasked with monitoring violations and managing forests throughout the country, or state-owned company VAS “Latvijas Valsts meži”, which maintains forests owned by the state, we work to serve You – the owner of a private forest plot in need of reliable support. ASLMD will be your trusted advisor and assistant in managing and developing your private forest property – and potentially acquiring quality housing.



ASLMD employs well-educated, competent industry specialists who are professionals of their craft, well-versed in legislation, economics and politics of forestry, forest management and ecology, as well as manufacturing, delivery and assembly of wood buildings. ASLMD will provide you with valuable advice on matters of forest management and will execute any assignment responsibly. We are among industry leaders in Latvia, actively developing the overall forestry market.


We have a number of seasoned legal staff who can help you resolve a variety of issues, such as corroboration and/or restoration of rights, drafting a suitable agreement, and other matters up to and including representation at state or municipal institutions.

Professional forest management and a personal approach to each customer!


Registration details:

AS “LMD” Cesu street 31, k-3, Riga, LV-1012 Uniform registration No.: 40103678556

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